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Ranking among Top Health & Wellness App Developers 2016, Intersog® is a specialist provider of custom medical software development and deployment of digital solutions for the healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical industries. We invite you to jump fast on eHealth technology train with us!

As healthcare services are clearly taking a digital path globally, how will you ensure scalability, reliability and security of your eHealth solution?

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IT enabled systems and platforms allow for personalized, preventive, patient-centric, integrated, interoperable and sustainable healthcare services, and empower citizens to self-manage their wellbeing, health and diseases. However, digital health market of today is:

  • highly defragmented
  • regulated by national and international health and care policies and authorities
  • still managed by old-school leadership lacking in-depth understanding of how to merge together technology, business and health services and benefit from this magic triangle, and
  • requires strict compliance with HIPAA data security and other standards as well as approval of respective organs prior to the product rollout

Reduce Your eHealth Software Development Costs

eHealth Monitor

Today, many medical software development providers see a huge monetization potential in digital health and apply to government issued tenders to contribute to the national eHealth innovation framework and capitalize on their software engineering expertise.

One of the key reasons that’s still holding back mainstream development of eHealthcare market is cost. Most of digital health solutions need hundreds thousands of dollars to prototype and when healthcare decision makers are faced with the price, they can’t approve of a spending and choose to spend this money on hospital renovations and purchasing new medical equipment instead, which is logical!

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Another huge inhibitor to eHealthcare evolution is the lack of skilled ICT resources able to bring medical services to the next level of innovation and digital maturity quickly without compromising digital product or service quality.

Health IT development is unique and different from development of other software products in requiring:

  • robust IT and Cloud infrastructures and complex architectures
  • the ability to harness the power of Big Data, predictive analytics, data discovery and visualization, and IoT
  • integration with existing mobile health platforms such as Apple Health and online payment systems and digital wallets
  • the highest level of data security and accuracy
  • FDA approval, HIPAA compliance, and more
Full stack technologies for eHealth & health monitoring wearable application development!

That being said, the average digital health project requires multiple competences and extensive expertise on your software development team such as full stack and mobile technologies for native and hybrid application development, Big Data science, predictive analytics, data discovery and visualization, UX architectures, APIs, nodes and sensors, back-end integrations, deployment of pre-built frameworks and engines, security and QA engineering, medical validation, and many more.

Having worked with several healthcare clients and delivered highly efficient and successful digital health solutions within both the United States and the EU, Intersog® has gained solid knowledge of what’s required for different types of eHealth products to be most effective, how to secure them properly and how to eliminate many barriers in software development other tech companies can’t afford to eliminate due to the lack of experience and MedTech development best practices.

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