Comprehensive Guide To U.S. Healthcare System 2016

As a specialist eHealth software development provider focusing on winning North American eHealth clients, Intersog did a thorough research on the current state of affairs in the U.S. healthcare market to stay in the know about how American healthcare is structured, how funds flow in and out, what types of medical software are being in demand, etc. to better determine our U.S. healthcare market strategy.

Our research has resulted in the Comprehensive Guide To U.S. Healthcare System 2016 and now we'd like to share this publication with other companies looking to enter the U.S. healthcare market with their solutions or partner / become affiliated with some of today's leading medical software providers and organizations.

US healthcare 2016

What's in it for you?

  • Modern structure of the U.S. managed care system
  • Diagram of interrelation between health decision makers
  • The flow of funds in the U.S. healthcare
  • U.S. healthcare spending by category
  • Open healthcare system
  • U.S. leading providers of medical, EHR, long-term care, hospital management, and home healthcare software

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