Ukrainian Team Creates Smart Bracelet That Reads ECG and Monitors Health

Ukrainian physician and former head of the volunteer mobile hospital Eugene Nayshtetik has recently launched a new project called Platform 20K that builds smart tech for eHealthcare. Their current product is a smart bracelet that reads patient's ECG and monitors health.

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Last fall, Ukraine's volunteer mobile hospital did a record-breaking cardio-screening of over 22,000 patients, which had become Ukraine's largest population screening for cardiovascular diseases. The results were sad and disappointing, as cardiovascular diseases were found to be a major cause of early death and pathologies in Ukraine. Eugene realized Ukraine badly needed a smart system to continuously monitor population's health and detect and prevent risks in a timely manner. That's how a smart eHealth bracelet idea came to his mind.

An ECG tracking wearable can solve one very critical task - collect data to analyze heart rate variability (HRV). And this is the way to prenosological diagnostics, i.e. disease prevention.

In parallel with smart bracelet development, Eugene's team is creating its own Cloud service to connect doctors and patients. The service will receive user data and process them automatically to notify a doctor about possible issues with patient's health. "Ideally, the ambulance should arrive 40 minutes before a heart seizure and not 30 minutes after it which is the often case in Ukraine now," says Eugene Nayshtetik.

HRV analysis is a very important indicator that tells us about our current physical and emotional state, and more.

Eugene's team is headquartered in Los Angeles, but keeps R&D in Ukraine. It's also affiliated with the GrowthUP incubator. Platform 20K's basic budget is assessed at $240,000. The commercial version of the product is set to go to mass production in September 2016.

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