As you are developing your electronic health record (EHR) system, how will you ensure it attests to Meaningful Use?

Intersog® offers the latest technologies and extensive experience in building easy-to-use and highly secure EHR systems with robust features allowing healthcare providers to easily access patient clinical data, demographic information, medical billing records, and more.

Our software development teams use healthcare industry and data privacy standards, formats and protocols to ensure seamless integration of your EHRs with any software or hardware such as external / internal lab systems, practice management system, medical equipment or insurance provider tools.

Standards we adhere to when building your EHR:

  • ICD-10
  • HL7
  • CCD
  • CCR
  • CPT, and others

We help our client companies achieve Meaningful Use of EHRs by performing regular product upgrades, providing support and employee training.

If you don’t want to build your EHR system from scratch and are only looking for your records’ integration with existing EHRs, we have strong experience with data migration and integration through web service APIs or by means of DB or HL7 schema. EHR systems we integrate with are: Greenway, NexGen, Allscripts, Groupcast, eMD, and others.

Our EHR advisory and development process includes:

1. Assessment of your practice readiness to go digital

This assessment allows us, as your EHR provider, to determine whether your healthcare organization is ready to make changes from paper records to EHRs or whether your current EHR system needs upgrade to a new certified version. At this stage, we envision the future of your EHR use, and set SMART goals. The ultimate outcomes are:

2. EHR implementation planning

At this stage, the Intersog® team makes the following steps:

3. Preparing for EHR system development

At this stage, we make the following steps:

4. Building your Collaborative Software Development team

At this stage, Intersog® recruitment consultants screen and shortlist candidates that best match your team profile and submit them to you for interview. After the interview, you choose specialists to be placed to your project team. We employ Agile and other methodologies to ensure fast ramp-up stage and team being up to speed in a very short time frame.

5. Scheduling EHR implementation

In conjunction with your Product Owner, your Intersog®-managed team will create a chart abstraction plan and data migration plans, compliance with Meaningful Use objectives and EHR training plan for your internal staff.

6. Helping you achieve a Meaningful Use of your EHR system.

In eHealthcare, Meaningful Use is referred to the use of certified EHR technology with the aim to achieve health and efficiency goals. Meaningful Use envisions solutions that satisfy the following objectives: