eHealth / mHealth application development & advisory

We’ll help you not only spec out your eHealth software development project, but also develop a long-term software strategy with consideration of cost, project scalability and security, resource planning, Agile Team setup and ramp-up, QA and testing, release management, ASO, FDA approval, HIPAA / IEEE compliance, and so on.

We'll be happy to assist you with custom development of innovative eHealth technologies such as telemedicine, patient decision aid tools and shared decision engines,  applications for wearables and smart medical devices, EHR / PHI systems, medical billing / invoice software, appointment scheduling (booking) software as well as simulation software, medical research software, hospital equipment planning software, medical database software, diagnostic software, e-prescribing and so on.


Interoperability and data integration

Is capturing, consolidating and understanding Big Data collected outside of the hospital or healthcare organization a hurdle for you? No worries, we can help customize, re-configure, deploy and tailor any data discovery or predictive analytics tool to your specific needs and train your internal staff in using it for their daily and routine operations. Using custom-built dynamic dashboards and 3D modelling, medical personnel can easily take advantage of Big Data for better understanding of the hospital workflows and the ability to develop predictive analytics for different medical operations.

Easily scalable health IT teams

We provide skilled software development and QA and testing resources to work exclusively on your digital health development project or augment and supplement your in-house dev teams. Unlike other providers that offer generic IT resources, we aim to staff teams that work on eHealth / mHealth projects with the right roles, skill sets and specialists with previous experience building highly efficient and secure medical technologies. We’ll let you interview each candidate on your own and determine their level of readiness and competence prior to making any hiring decisions. You, as a Product Owner, will retain full project management and delivery control!

White label development

We’re well aware that you have to be a locally established company to apply to eHealth public tenders. With this in mind, we can take your entire project or parts of your project from the ground up and deliver a fully featured solution for you to deploy on client’s side under your own brand name. Needless to say, you'll fully retain your or your client's IP.

Cost effectiveness

As we do R&D and deliver from Ukraine, Eastern Europe’s largest pool of IT talent, we guarantee sufficient cost saving as a result of lower cost of development resource, fast recruitment and solid QA expertise that allows for overheads elimination at post-release stage. However, please note we don’t offer cheap solutions, as cheap solutions usually have poor quality and cheap look and feel!

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