Our Path Towards eHealth Development

As you remember, the world changed forever in 2007 after Apple had introduced their first iPhone. Mobile became the new business and social realm and our visionary Founders Igor Fedulov and Vadim Chernega, both with strong technical background, realized it was exactly the path Intersog® had to take to stay ahead of the competition and make a difference.
They started experimenting with iPhone application development and wanted to find a niche that would make most sense and bring true value to people. Healthcare was one of the niches that badly needed meaningful mobile solutions, so the company chose to take this direction and build their own mobile health application.
Months of coding, testing, learning lessons from mistakes and target audience feedback evaluation resulted in iDentist, the first dentist practice management application developed specifically for the iPhone in Ukraine.

iDentist allowed for real-time access to patient data, editing patient data and offline and online work modes. It was launched to the Apple App Store in 2008 and became a big hit almost right away.

However, iDentist was an enterprise solution targeting practicing dentists, and healthcare was far from going digital at that time. Slow market adoption as a result of poor understanding of how mobility can benefit healthcare management eventually resulted in the app’s withdrawal from the App Store.

eHealthHowever, we kept pursuing opportunities in digital healthcare and our efforts were finally rewarded in 2010 when The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) chose us as their software development provider.

The UCMC was looking to build an easy-to-use software solution that would allow their personnel to submit service and helpdesk requests regarding hardware, software, medical and diagnostic equipment as well as facilities management and maintenance to their centralized service request team for processing.

The goal was to reduce the call center workload by significantly reducing incoming calls while providing relevant details to facilitate each request’s routing and troubleshooting.

As a result of business partnership with the UCMC, Intersog® built and delivered an iOS application that helped the Medical Center to improve their internal services while significantly optimizing call center maintenance costs and getting appropriate ROI from helpdesk investments.

Yet, we got our first truly disruptive eHealth software development project in 2012 when we partnered with Dr. Charles Butler and were introduced to his world’s first free-market telemedicine idea.

“It’s funny, but I would interview about 26 companies before I came to Intersog. I was looking at companies in the Chicago area, because that’s where I live, and it’s always nice to be able to know the owner like Igor, because if something happens I can go knock on his door. I think it’s important that you have a key person in your city for the development team. Igor and other members of his office impressed me with their passion about my project and willingness to get involved with us. I saw a real excitement in their eyes.Other companies just told me – “We can’t do this, it’s not possible”, and Intersog said – “Oh, it’s very much possible, we’d love to work with you!””That’s how Dr. Butler describes his very first experience with Intersog.

To learn more about the VideoMedicine application that we successfully built and delivered for our Client, please go to our Digital Health Blog!

In parallel with developing VideoMedicine solution, we engaged with Dr. Øystein Eiring in 2013 to create a robust patient decision aid tool for the Norwegian National Health Library in the National Knowledge Center for Health Services, Innlandet Hospital Trust, and the Norwegian South-Eastern Regional Health Authorities.

Norwegian South-Eastern Regional Health Authorities

This web and mobile shared decision making and monitoring system is designed for individual use by doctors and their patients and addresses either one-off, irreversible decision dilemmas, or ongoing decisions permitting regular re-evaluation.

The DECIDE Treatment system consists of several decision engines that calculate a personalized ranking of the best treatment options based on a transparent algorithm called the simple weighted sum equation. The algorithm uses the best available knowledge from doctors, medical research and all other stakeholders involved. For long-term conditions, it presents how the chosen treatment affects patient’s health and quality of life over time. Shared decision engines don’t contain any recommendations, but visualize a ranking of the options, highlight what is important to each patient, provide the best knowledge available, and help evaluate the effects of any therapy related decisions made over time.

“Thanks to the creative and hardworking people at Intersog, and all the competencies that now work together, this project is already beyond cutting edge in the field of patient-oriented decision support”
Dr. Øystein Eiring, Chief Counselor & Project Leader at Innlandet Hospital Trust

DECIDE Treatment project was not so long ago presented to the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services and authorities, including Prime-Minister of Norway Erna Solberg and Minister of Health. The solution was highly appraised and received a positive feedback from the Norwegian authorities.

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As we gained first-hand experience and learned important lessons from the above projects, we increased confidence in our eHealthcare software development capabilities and significantly enhanced our MedTech expertise.

As wearable technology and data analytics picked up steam, we kept improving our capabilities by building fitness and wellness / health monitoring applications for wearable gadgets and leveraging the power of IoT and Big Data for numerous clients.

And now we’re looking forward to building the next big hit project for YOUR healthcare organization!

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